Shopify 2.0 & Using Metafields

Shopify 2.0 & Using Metafields

July 25, 2021

What are Metafields?

Metafields make it possible to store additional information for articles, blogs, collections, customers, orders, pages, products and variants. 

It allows you to store this information which you can then output to your live website.

Simply put Metafields are like custom fields/sections that you can create in addition to the standard fields available in shopify.

Now metafield is not new however up until now, we have been limited when it comes to creating sections since the flexibility of sections was restricted to only the home page and you would have needed a developer to add this feature via your Theme Code.

Let's take a look at what we are now able to do.  



I would like to add some custom sections to my product page below to let customers know the durability of my product, shipping time and also allow them to request a custom shade. 


Product Page Before


After - I have now added these custom sections to my product page using 3 different formats (normal text, dropdown, popup link)


Learn more about Shopify Metafields HERE