Affiliates Terms & Conditions

Through the affiliates program you will be rewarded  for each Valid Order placed by a customer (excluding Basic Packages) A Valid order is one that:

  • Relates to a new genuine service requirement
  • Contains a valid contact name and email address
  • Receives at least 1 response


If the Order is genuine and marked as approved, Payouts will be completed within 30 days of handover. If the order does not match the criteria above then it will be marked as Rejected and no payouts will be made. 




You will received a 10% Discount on your next project with Haydawn’s Design Studio after your first (1st) Successful Referral and as long as you remain an affiliate. 


A Successful referral is one that:

  • Is marked as Approved when referred 
  • Completes a Project with the Studio and accepts handover




 Haydawn’s Design Studio will work with most affiliates and allow most marketing tactics, but I reserve the right to reject or terminate affiliates who use tactics that I consider to be contrary to my brand. I specifically do not work with the following types of affiliates:


  • Cashback, incentive or loyalty affiliates.
  • Competition/freebie/pornographic sites.
  • Sites that spam or use spammy tactics.


Subject to Change


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