When you’re building a cohesive visual brand identity, certain elements are non-negotiable. These are the elements that clearly express who you are as a brand. A solid visual identity can establish trust, credibility and customer confidence.


If you're a startup looking to create a new brand this package is perfect for you. It includes some of the basics you'll need to launch your business. This package is also a great fit if you’re an established business looking to update/upgrade your visual branding. Create unique and captivating brand visuals guaranteed to help you stand out.
Logo Design
Brand Colour Palette
Brand Moodboard
Brand Style Sheet
Brand Guideline
Brand Collaterals

Only need a Logo?

It is important to understand that in order to build a cohesive brand identity you need more than a Logo, however I understand that sometimes you just need a refresh or maybe you’re just starting out and want to build your social media presence first and need a professional look.

Whatever the reason, I can work with you to achieve your logo goals.