Collaborative Partnership Agreement - Photography


Thank you for your interest in working together. This partnership is designed to get you paid. It is a perfect way to earn some extra cash alongside your main gig.

Here are some great benefits of joining my team of remote photographers: 

What you gain?

  • Each client I gain is a potential client for you as I will promote the photography service while working with my client 
  • Recurring revenue without paying out any commission or fees
  • Your full agreed rates paid for every job 
  • Potential repeat business if my client is interested in additional photos in the future
  • Referrals without paying marketing/advertising fees
  • 10% off any personal website design projects with me

What I gain?

  • The ability to work with more talented creatives 
  • The ability to provide multiple services to my clients
  • The ability to maintain consistency throughout my portfolio as my clients will be using professional images in their branding and design projects



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