Featured Case Studies

  • Matturi Fine Jewellery

    My client is the CEO of an award-winning Fine Jewellery brand which she founded after a 17-year diamond career. The objective was to create a lighter, softer, and more modern look and feel for the website that would align with the brand positioning.

    I meticulously incorporated her brand's essence into the design while infusing a sense of sophistication and refinement to appeal to her high-end clientele. I also curated custom imagery that highlighted the intricate details and craftsmanship of the jewellery pieces, adding an extra touch of luxury.

  • Natural Isle

    My client is a retailer specialising in natural and sustainable products. The objective was launch an online store that offers customers a comprehensive, positive, and serene shopping experience. The entire project has been meticulously designed to evoke a sense of cleanliness, warmth, and visual refinement, resulting in an inviting ambiance.

    This has been achieved through the implementation of a soothing nude colour palette, custom-designed brand fonts, and subtle textures, all aimed at creating an environment that fosters tranquility and promotes a positive connection with the brand.

  • Celestra

    My client is the founder of a modern contemporary Jewellery Brand. The objective was to create an online presence that would resonate with a younger audience.

    I crafted a clean, simple, and elegant design opting for classic black fonts. I prioritised a sense of freshness and simplicity to attract the desired audience.


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