ChatGPT Prompts - How to get the best answers from ChatGPT

by Haydawn Studio

Asking the right questions is essential to make informed decisions and grow your business. However, not all questions are created equal, and how you structure them can impact the quality of the answers you receive.


It's important to be as precise as possible

The more specific details you give, the better the response can be tailored to your business needs.

Instead of asking "How can I improve my website's performance?"

Ask "What steps can I take to reduce my website's load time?"

This will allow the AI to provide you with actionable advice that's relevant to your website's performance.


Use Action-Oriented Language 

This can also help you get more practical and actionable advice.

Instead of "What are some ways to market my business?"

Try asking"What specific marketing strategies can I use to attract more customers to my business?"

This way, it can suggest specific actions you can take to improve your marketing efforts and help you achieve your business goals.



Provide Context

By sharing details about your business, you help it understand your situation better, and in turn, provide more relevant and effective advice.

Instead of "How can I improve my social media presence?",

Try asking "I run a small bakery business and want to increase my social media following. What platforms should I focus on, and what type of content would be most effective in attracting potential customers?"

This will allow it to give you more informed and specific advice.



More Examples

  • Instead of asking "How can I increase sales?" try asking "What marketing strategies have been effective in attracting new customers to similar businesses?"

  • Instead of asking "What should I prioritise when starting a new business?" try asking "What are some common mistakes that new small business owners make and how can I avoid them?"

  • Instead of asking "How can I improve my social media presence?" try asking "What are some creative ways to engage my audience on social media and increase brand awareness?"

  • Instead of asking "What should I do to cut costs?" try asking "What areas of my business are most prone to overspending and how can I better manage those expenses?"

  • Instead of asking "What do customers think about my business?" try asking "What feedback have you heard from other small business owners about the importance of customer satisfaction and how can I measure and improve it for my own business?"


Remember, the more specific and actionable your questions are, the more effective the advice you receive from ChatGPT will be.