Microsoft Clarity Tool

by Haydawn Studio

In today's digital landscape, understanding how visitors interact with your website can be the key to your success. The more insights you have into their behaviour, the better positioned you are to optimise your site to meet both their needs and your objectives. That's where Microsoft Clarity comes into play. Let’s delve deeper.


What is Microsoft Clarity?

It's a free-to-use analytics tool designed to provide deep insights into how users interact with your website. Rather than just skimming the surface with traditional metrics like page views, Clarity offers a detailed look into user behaviour, helping you pinpoint what's resonating and where amendments can make a big difference.

Key Features of Microsoft Clarity:

  1. Heatmaps: Showcases where users are clicking, moving, and scrolling on a page. This means you can easily spot which sections of your site capture the most attention and which might be going unnoticed.

  2. Session Recordings: Essentially look over the shoulder of your users as they navigate your site. You'll see first-hand any challenges they encounter or elements that grab their attention.

  3. Insight Dashboard: This is your go-to for a snapshot of essential behaviour metrics. It covers aspects like user clicks, active vs passive user ratios, and more, also spotlighting potential areas of user frustration.

This tool provides insights based on 100% of your website's traffic. This ensures you get the full, unfiltered picture every time. It also complies with GDPR, CCPA, and other major privacy regulations so no need to worry, the visitor's personal data is masked.


Why You Need Microsoft Clarity:

  • Empower Your Decisions: Make website adjustments grounded in solid data.

  • Elevate User Experience: Insights into user behaviour allow you to refine design, streamline navigation, and improve content, all geared towards a smoother, more engaging user journey.

  • Boost Conversions: Identify and remove any roadblocks hindering your site conversions. 

  • Efficiency: No more general analytics overview. Get precise insights so you can focus on areas that need attention.


Insights into your website's user behaviour aren't just helpful – they're vital. Microsoft Clarity is an easy tool to help you and the best part? It's free!


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