Social Media Planning for your Business

by Haydawn Studio

Adding Social Media Marketing to your Business Strategy no longer seems like an option, it’s kind of essential these days.

It’s a great way to reach and engage with your customers, Increase brand awareness, Increase website traffic, Generate leads etc.

With that said, it can become a tedious task over time especially if you’re not very keen on it in the first place. Let’s face it we’re not all extraverts that wish to entertain, some of us just want to stay connected with existing customers and reach new ones.

I went through months of feeling pressured to post 3 times a day while trying to remember how many hashtags I should be using and if Reels or IGTV or In-feed video was best.

I can’t honestly sit here and tell you that I enjoy using social media today because honestly I’d much prefer to be behind the scenes, designing and meeting and chatting with my clients. This brings me the most joy.

But… it seems like one of the best places to attract new customers today.




A few months ago, I came across a Post on Instagram by a social media manager who talked about using an App called Planoly so I decided to check it out and so happy I did.

Here is my exact planning routine:

  • I make a note in my planner of what I want to achieve for the upcoming week

  • I’ve allocated 1 day each week for creating content

  • I decide and map out what I want to post each day and how many posts I want per day (in the past I did 3 but now I do 1 - 2)

  • I use various Apps to create my posts then upload them to Planoly

  • I choose the date and time I want them to be sent to my Social Media Accounts (this is done automatically)



What I love about Planoly

  • I can schedule my posts and forget about it, Planoly does the rest

  • I can move my posts around to create the aesthetically pleasing feed you see on my Instagram

  • I can plan Stories & Reels and get notifications when it’s time to post them

  • It automatically sends my Instagram posts to Facebook & Twitter

We may not love Social Media but we can leverage it to help our businesses. Planoly just offers us a stress free way of doing this.