Website Management


All websites need to be up to date to be effective however I've met numerous business owners who say they don’t have the time to manage or learn how to manage their websites properly while trying to manage a business.

Well guess what? I get it. Not everyone has the time to do it "all". There's absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help. I've created unique Management Plans tailored to give you exactly what you need when you need it so let me worry about keeping your website up to date while you focus on other important things. 

All monthly plans come with software updates and testing for broken links


Management Plans

(All plans come with monthly checks  

Basic - 2 Service Request monthly

Silver - 4 Service Requests monthly 

Gold - 8 Service Requests monthly

Luxe - Unlimited Service Requests monthly

Or  Choose a 'One-off Request' if you don't require a plan 



Basic services you can request 

  •  Update Your Content (Change description or image for 1 product/service)
  •  Add a New Menu Button/Link
  •  Add/Change Social media (Created a new twitter, instagram or Facebook account? add this to your website)



Services available on "Silver Plan"

  • All Services available on Basic Plan
  • Add a new page/product/service (1 per month )


Services available on "Gold Plan" 

  • All Services available on Silver Plan 
  • Add new page/product/service (up to 4 per month)
  • Change Colour Palette (Keep your website fresh and appealing. Change colours to match seasons/holidays)  
  • Add 1 Announcement banner (Advertise Free Shipping, Sales, Events etc)


Services available on  Luxe Plan

  •  All Services available on Gold Plan 
  • Change your Website Layout twice per year for an entirely different look
  • Troubleshoot issues with third party Apps on your behalf 
  • Live Chat (Add live chat to your website and make it available when you are free)
  • Think of something creative you'd like to add? Just request it



( Management is only available for websites created by this Studio)

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