Why I require a Consultation Fee

Preparing for our consultation requires careful consideration and effort on my part. I'm dedicated to fully understanding your unique needs and goals, drawing upon my years of expertise and knowledge to provide you with valuable advice for your design objectives.

During our discussion, we will delve into your vision, objectives, and project specifics. I will offer guidance on the most effective path to meet your requirements. This is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions and get a sense of my working style.

The consultation fee serves as a commitment from both sides, demonstrating our seriousness about potentially working together. This ensures that our collaboration is both productive and mutually beneficial. Notably, if you decide to proceed with me after our consultation, the fee (minus a nominal £3 processing fee) will be credited toward your project's total cost. If not, it compensates me for my time.

Consider it as a modest investment that promises a significant return for your project. I eagerly anticipate our discussion about your vision and how I can assist in transforming it into reality.

Thank you for your understanding.


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