3 Quick Ways to Improve Website Loading Speed

by Haydawn Studio

It can be extremely tempting to add more features to our websites, however, this can significantly slow it down and even further it can and most likely will frustrate your customers.


Here are some simple changes you can make without breaking a sweat.

1) Remove unnecessary Apps/Plugins

Apps/Plugins are fantastic, especially the ones that are free and comes with all the bells and whistles, believe me I know. Sadly these apps can also have a significant negative impact on your themes especially when you add too many of them.

Consider whether you actually need that App and if not, let it go.  

2) Limit the use of carousels and sliders

It's the first thing you'll notice when you visit most websites but think about how many times you actually wait to see whats on the last slide. Most people will start scrolling after slide number 2. They can add a considerable amount of weight to your website loading time.

If you absolutely must have them then go for 2 slides at max otherwise consider a well-placed hero image with a compelling call to action instead.

3) Optimise and Compress images

Images are the backbone of a website I say. Users will look at your images before they read your copy. However images can also delay page loading times if they are too large.

Check that your images are no larger than they need to be and are in the correct file format. It would also be useful to compressed them (you can do this via websites like tinypng.com )



Results from a client using my monthly Website Management Services



You can also achieve similar results.
Check your store speed in your Shopify Dashboard and start implementing these changes to see better results.