How to refresh your brand for the New Year

by Haydawn Studio

When December comes around most of us face the pressure to pivot/make significant changes to our life; we swiftly move into mode "New year, New me"

As business owners we're use to always being in this mode. We spend time all year round thinking of ways to keep our brand and offerings fresh but December really does put the pressure on with the New Year right around the corner. 

So if you're feeling flustered, you're not alone, hopefully these tips will help take some of the pressure off.


3 Ways to Refresh your Product/Service offerings 

  • Give it a new name - if it didn't do so well when you launch it, now's the perfect time to rename it and give it new life. Label it “new and improved.
  • Bundle and sell - Create a new bundle offering with a mixture of bestsellers and not so popular products/services.
  • Promote it on a different platform - Maybe you only regularly promote on Instagram. Try pushing your offerings to a new audience on a new platform.


10 Ways to Refresh your Brand

    1. Create a new brand/submark of your existing Logo (see my branding services)
    2. Refresh your images with a new mini photoshoot (see photography services) 
    3. Redesign your packaging
    4. Consider a mini rebrand if your branding is outdated (see my branding services) 
    5. Introduce new products or services 
    6. Refresh your Social Media imagery (enquire about my social media services)
    7. Redesign your print materials 
    8. Redesign your Website or create one if you don't have one already (see my design services)
    9. Review your brand message
    10. Redefine your brand strategy


These are some great starting points to help with your refresh but before you implement any of these it is vital that you do 2 things:

  • Establish or re-establish your goals
  • Do a brand audit to identify what’s working and what isn’t